About our Respite Care Providers


How to get one…

              As expected, our families want to know about the people that we will be sending into their homes.  We do our best to reassure our families that our Respite Care Providers are high quality workers.  Our workers come from a variety of backgrounds and range from 18 years old to over 70 years old.  Many college students enjoy respite as a part time job.  Others do respite as a supplemental income to a full time job while others love the flexibility being a part time Respite Care Provider.

              All of our workers are at least 18 years old, have clear fingerprints with no misdemeanor felony convictions, provide at least verifiable references, and are CPR and First Aid certified.  Our workers also complete our training program that includes material on Life Span Development, the company’s policies and procedures, information on different disabilities, Elders and associated topics like dementia, and appropriate behavior for Respite Care Providers.  They also complete a training at one of many group homes located in Vallejo.  At the group home they learn hands-on care for the disabled, such as bathing, dressing, feeding, and lifting.  We receive their evaluation from the workers who live in the group home.

              To get a Respite Care Provider when you initially begin our services, you should tell us your needs at your Home Visit with the Program Coordinator- a schedule always helps us to find you a worker.  We pick out workers that are available during the times you need and give them your child’s information.  They will then call you to set up an interview.  The RCP is paid 1 hour for this interview that comes out of your Regional Center authorized hours.  This interview gives you and the person receiving care to meet the worker and decide whether or not your family is compatible with the worker, and vice versa.  We do not force any matches on our workers- this ensures that the RCP truly wants to work with your family and will provide quality care.  You set up further booking with the Respite Care Provider.  The office does not schedule bookings between our families and Respite Care Providers.  You may have more than one RCP, and we will continue the matching process until you tell us to stop.

              If we already serve you and you need another worker, just call the office and ask for a Program Coordinator.  Please tell the Program Coordinator what your needs are and when you require the respite.  We will begin matching you with more Respite Care Providers.  The speed at which you get a new RCP depends on the availability of our workers.  

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