The Two Kinds of Respite Care

Self-Service Respite & Full-Service Respite


Self-Service (SSR)  Respite Answers


Full-Service (FSR) Respite Answers


How Soon to Start?

Usually two to eight weeks. 

The SSR office must have a referral & authorization from the Regional Center.  The family must return their completed paperwork to the SSR office. The worker(s) chosen by the parent must complete the hiring process.  After all these things happen, service may begin.

Usually one week to three months- depending on the current referral caseload per Program Coordinator and availability of RCPs.

The FSR program, after receiving a referral from the Regional Center, completes a Home Visit with the family.  The FSR program matches the family with workers after the Agency receives the Regional Center authorization.





Who Finds the Respite Worker?

Parent locates/recruits the workers.  The SSR department employes the workers for the family. 


SSR (Bay Respite Care) does not recruit workers nor do they have a registry/pool of workers from which the parent can choose.

The FSR program sends a “Respite Care Provider” to the parent’s home for them to interview.  The parent may have more than one worker from the FSR program.  The FSR program may also hire someone at their request.  They may have a combination of these ‘private workers’ and our general Full-Service workers.





Who Hires the Worker?

Bay Respite Care hires the worker.  Parents must refer a worker to SSR.  The SSR program hires them, pays all hiring/initial training costs, issues paychecks, and pays employer taxes and insurance.

The FSR program recruits and hires all workers.  The FSR program pays all costs including salary, employer taxes, mileage reimbursement, insurance, raises, and bonuses. 





The Worker Pay Rate?

If working with a NBRC client: $10.30/hour

If working with a RCEB client:  $8.50/hr

$9.35 to $14.75/hr plus mileage reimbursement and bonus programs.





Training and Supervision

Parents train and supervise the worker.  The parent lets the SSR department know when the worker is to be discharged. 


The SSR deparmtnet provides mandatory CPR/First Aid training and criminal background checks for each worker.

Workers complete a two-day specialized training including hands-on experience in a care facility and become First Aid/CPR certified.  Each Respite Care Provider has: been interviewed, had references checked, completed criminal background check, and passed a TB test.  Parents contact the FSR program to assist with worker problems.  The agency handles all disciplinary and discharge procedures.


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