What is an Authorization and Overusage Fees?

In order to avoid an overusage bill, you must understand what an Authorization for Purchase of Services (or Autho) is.  When you become a client family at Bay Respite Care, the Regional Center purchases a certain amount of hours of service from us for your family.  They purchase these hours by sending us an Autho.  Bay Respite Care has no control over how many hours the Regional Center purchases- that is decided by your Case Manager. 

Once we have received the Autho from the Regional Center and all other sign-up and hiring requirements are met, we can serve your family.  Your Respite Care Provider watches your child, then turns in his/her timesheets to us.  We pay your Respite Care Provider and then we bill the Regional Center for the number of hours you have used.  The Regional Center will only reimburse us the amount of hours stated in the Autho.

You should receive a copy of this Autho in the mail, so you will know how many hours you are allowed to use.  If you do not receive a copy or remember how many hours you have used, please call the office at (707) 644-4491 and we'll be happy to help you.  However, if you use more than your alloted hours, the Regional Center will not pay for those hours.  You, the client family, must pay for them.  We will send you an overusage bill in the mail for those extra hours.  This is why it is so important to keep track of how many hours your Respite Care Provider turns into us on his/her timesheets.

There are different types of Authos.  Some are renewed on a monthly basis, some on a quarterly basis, while others on a yearly basis.  If you do not understand what type of Autho you have, please feel free to call us (707) 644-4491 and we will be happy to explain it to you.

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