Can you Hire Someone I Already Know to be

my Respite Care Provider?

YES!!  If you know someone that you want to be your Respite Care Provider, BRC will hire that person to work just for your family.  We call that person a Private Worker because they work ONLY for your family.  This usually works out very well if the RCP is going to be a family member or close friend.      


The process for acquiring a Private Worker is simple

  1. Call the office, ask to speak with Human Resources and tell them that you would like a Private Worker Packet sent to you.  You will receive a large folder of information and paperwork for the new Private Worker. 
  2. In that folder is also a white envelope for you- it will be labeled with your name.  Inside the envelope is the Parent Liability Release Form which you will need to sign and return to the office. 
  3. The rest of the folder is for the Private Worker; it should take about 1 to 1 ½ hours to fill out and there are instructions included.  The Private Worker mails us back the necessary documents and we put them into our system. 
  4. Human Resources will let the RCP know when they may begin working for your family.  We do not pay RCP’s for work done previous to the official hire date.


Private Workers make $9.50/hr plus mileage reimbursment.  Private Workers are not eligible for all the same bonus and incentive programs as our General Workers.


Eligibility requirements to be hired as a Private Worker are as follows: 

  1. At least 18 years old
  2. Eligible to work in the United States
  3. Obtain/posses and maintain valid CPR/FA certification
  4. Get fingerprinted (no felony convictions/some misdemeansors)
  5. Have a working telephone
  6. Be mentally and physically able to do the job as listed in the job requirements
  7. And in the judgment of the Program Coordination department is able to perform the job adequately. 

Our Private Workers do not go through our training program- they have a very abbreviated paper-based orientation that they get in their manual.  The Private Workers' references are not checked because it’s the family that recommends the worker to us.  This is why the parent must sign the Parent Liability Release Form.  However, we can do a full reference check if the parent requests it.

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