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We are open Monday- Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

1100 Rose Drive

Suite 140

Benicia, CA 94510

Phone:  (707) 644-4491

Fax:      (707) 644-1318

 Full-Service Respite Email:

Self-Service Respite Email :

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Please use the addresses below to contact the following departments:

Services Department

Full-Service, Self-Service and Specialized Healthcare Respite Programs


Contact the Services at:

Phone: (707) 644-4491



Human Resources

Fiscal Department


Contact the Human Resources at:

Phone: (707) 644-4491


Contact the Fiscal at:

Phone: (707) 644-4491




Military Respite

Contact Administration at:

Phone: (707) 644-4491


Contact the Military Respite at:

Phone: (707) 644-4491






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