Self-Service Respite

(Employer of Record)

Self-Service respite is designed to help provide relief.  Our purpose is to take over almost all paperwork aspects of respite care- we handle payroll, taxes, benefits, and CPR/First Aid trainings.  You will recruit your own workers and we will hire them for you.  They can be family members, friends, or anyone else you want to look after your child (just not the parent/legal guardian/step-parent).


The minimum requirements for hiring are as follows: 


Once hired, your Respite Care Provider gives you his/her timesheet at the end of every booking for you to sign.  The Respite Care Provider then returns the timesheet to our office twice a month and they get paid semi-monthly.  When you do not want to use a particular Respite Care Provider any longer, let us know and we will deactivate their file. 

The benefits of Self-Service Respite are:

Downloadable Forms for

Self-Service Families:

If you need us to hire a second/another worker, please fill out and send to us (we must have a Liability Release Form for each worker you have):

Liability Release Form - NBRC clients

Liability Release Form - RCEB clients

If you have another child (non-disabled), please fill out and send to us:

Accident and Emergency Information


Downloadable Forms for

Self-Service Respite Care Providers:

If you need more timesheets, please print these out:

Self-Service Timesheets

If you would like to sign up for Direct Deposit, please print out this form and return it with a voided check:

Direct Deposit Form

If you need to change the information on your tax papers, please fill out and send to us:

Tax Papers- Federal

Tax Papers- State

If you need to complete a new I-9 form, please fill out and send to us:

I-9 Form

If you need to fill out an incident report because of an accident, abuse, or harassment, please call the office, then print, fill out, and return this form:

Incident Report



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