How do I become a

Self-Service (SSR)

Respite Care Provider?


There are four main steps in becoming an SSR RCP:

  1. Complete your SSR hiring packet

  2. Pass a backgroud check with NO FELONIES

  3. Sign a hiring agreement
  4. Attend one of our CPR/FA classes

More information on Step 1:

     You will receive your RCP Hiring Packet after Bay Respite Care (BRC) has received the client family's referral from the Regional Center.  Once BRC has the referral, one of the SSR office staff will send you your Hiring Packet.  We will either send it to the family's home or to your address.  Enclosed in the Hiring Packet is a complete set of directions, as well as a self-addressed return envelope.  Please mail the completed Hiring Packet to us as soon as possible.  

More information on Step 4:

     If you do not have current CPR/FA certification, you need to schedule a class with us.  Our classes are free to you, and they last all day long, from 9a-5p.  There will be a half-hour lunch break.  We offer most of our classes in Vallejo, but we also hold classes in Santa Rosa, Concord, Brentwood, Richmond and Livermore.  If you only need CPR or only need First Aid, you may take one of our half-day classes in Vallejo.  To see a schedule of our upcoming CPR/FA classes, please click here.

*If you are already certified in CPR/FA, you do not need to repeat the class.  Please contact us for a slightly different hiring process.  

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