How do we become an

Self-Service family?

Becoming an Self-Service family at Bay Respite Care is a simple process; however, ALL steps must be completed in order to begin using our services. 

  1. We receive an Self-Service Respite referral from your CPC (Client Program Coordinator)/EIS (Early Intervention Specialist).
  2. After receiving the referral, the SSR department will mail you your Family Sign-Up Packet
  3. After having read the packet and filling out the neccessary documents, please mail them back to us in the enclosed self-address envelope.
  4. After BRC receives your completed paperwork, you will receive our Welcome Letter.

Your part of the transition process is complete!


Please note:  To begin using our services, your Respite Care Provider/Worker will have to be hired by us.  We will not provide retro-pay to a Respite Care Provider who works for a family before being hired by BRC.  To see directions on how to become a Self-Service Respite Care Provider, click here


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