History of Bay Respite Care


     Bay Respite Care started in 1976 shortly after the passing of the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Act.  This legislation was passed to provide developmentally disabled individuals with certain entitlements, which included support services like respite care.  Respite Care is defined as “…intermittent or regularly scheduled temporary non-medical care and supervision provided in the client’s home, for a regional center client who resides with a family member.  These services are designated to do all of the following:  (1) Assist family members in maintaining the client at home. (2) Provide appropriate care and supervision to ensure the client’s needs safely in the absence of family members. (3) Relieve family members from the constantly demanding responsibility of caring for a client. (4) Attend to the client’s basic self-help needs and other activities of daily living including interaction, socialization, and continuation of usual daily routines which would ordinarily be performed by the family member (W$I Code section 4690.2)”

     A family that lived in Vallejo who had a severely disabled son named Jody started our agency.  The family did not feel as though they should have to institutionalize their son and wanted him to remain living at home with his family.  They hired and trained providers to come into their home to relieve them of his constant care needs.  The family became vendorized by the State of California as the first Respite Care agency. They named themselves Jody and his Friends.  Jody and his Friends also purchased 6 homes in Vallejo that were turned into group homes for individuals with developmental disabilities.

     In 1986 Jody and his friends retired from the group home business and it became a separate agency known as Milestones of Development.  In 1990, Jody and his Friends retired from the respite business as well and this agency became known as Bay Area Family Services.  Bay Area Family Services closed its doors November 30, 2004 and opened as Bay Respite Care on December 1, 2004.  Bay Respite Care now has a parent non-profit by the name of Sonia Corina, who is based out of Southern California.  Sonia Corina was started by a Respite Care Provider named Katy Santillan who operates one of  the larger respite agencies in the state.

    Beginning in 2006, Bay Respite Care started providing Self-Service Respite.  Besides the Full-Service Respite that we have provided for the past 30 years, Bay Respite Care now provides Self-Serivce Respite for clients of North Bay Regional Center and Regional Center of the East Bay.  For families in Sonoma, Napa, Solano, Contra Costa and Alameda counties who previously used Family Member Voucher respite, they will now use Self-Service Respite.  As of 2013, Bay Respite Care is serving over 600 Full-Service Respite clients and over 800 Self-Service Respite clients for a total of more than 1,400 Bay Area families.

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