What is a Private Worker


Private Worker Policies


What is a Private Worker?

Respite Care Providers who are hired at the request of a Bay Respite Care (BRC) Full-Service client family are Private Workers and are employees of BRC.  The client family is responsible for training the provider and assumes all liability for that provider’s job performance.  BRC maintains appropriate and legal employment conditions, monitors the family’s satisfaction with service and facilitates problem solving, when needed.


Private Worker Policies:

The Private Respite Care Provider may not begin serving the client family until s/he has been hired by BRC.  The following must be completed and received by BRC prior to hiring:


Additional conditions of employment include:


If provider has proof of current CPR & First Aid certification, copies of both sides of the card(s) must be faxed/mailed to the BRC office within 14 days of employment.  BRC offers ASHI certification courses at the office and will pay hired private workers the current minimum wage to attend.  Private Workers must register in advance at the BRC office.


Salary:  Private Respite Care Providers are paid $9.50/hour, are entitled to the same benefits as all Respite Care Providers and must follow all BRC policies and procedures contained in the Private RCP hiring packet.  Please refer to www.bayrespitecare.org to see which incentive and bonus programs the Private Workers are eligible for.


Private Respite Care Providers are NOT permitted to:


If a Private Respite Care Provider becomes a General Respite Care Provider, after completing the requirements to become a General RCP, they have a 2 (two) – month probationary period to serve other families.  If they have not taken new clients, on a regular schedule, at the end of this period, they will automatically be returned to the Private Respite Care Provider status.

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