What the BRC Respite Care Program Provides for Developmentally Delayed Clients


Respite care is intended to provide you with relief from your daily care giving responsibilities.  At your request, BRC Respite Care Providers will come to your home and provide care in a manner appropriate to meet the needs of the disabled child(ren) or adult in your family.  This includes, but is not limited to:

BRC Respite Care Providers are there to care ONLY for members of you immediate family who live in your home.  They are not permitted to care for your relatives’ or friends’ children nor are they permitted to bring or have their own family or friends visit them during a booking.

BRC Respite Care Providers will also prepare and serve simple meals for the individuals under their care.  However, they should not be requested to serve the entire family in this capacity. 

Respite Care Providers are NOT allowed to do anything medical.  This includes, but is not limited to:  injections, changing catheters, oxygen administration, and non-oral/non-topical medications.

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