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Self-Service Respite Homepage 

This is a respite program for families of North Bay Regional Center (Solano, Napa, and Sonoma counties) and Regional Center of the East Bay (Contra Costa and Alameda counties).

With Self-Service respite, the family already has a person to watch their loved one.  Sonia Corina hires the worker for the family and manages all associated paperwork and taxes for the RCP and family. When the family no longer wishes to use a particular RCP, they inform us and we will deactivate their file. 

Families are responsible for finding their own RCPs.  It may be a friend, neighbor, sibling, or whomever they wish so long as the potential RCP meets the hiring requirements.  The only people who cannot be a RCP are the legal guardians/parents/step-parents.

The family is responsible for any personal care and protective supervision training that the worker needs.  These workers cannot administer inhalers/nebulizer treatments, use an epi-pen on a client, nor feed a client via G-Tube.

Please note this is different from our Private Worker Program under Full-Service Respite. 

Full-Service Respite Homepage

Sonia Corina provides Full-Service Respite to six Bay Area counties.  We work with the North Bay Regional Center, Golden Gate Regional Center, and Regional Center of the East Bay.  All of our Help With A Heart (Private Pay) clients fall under this category as well.

With Full-Service Respite, Sonia Corina recruites, trains, hires, and supervises the workers.  We do home visits with our new families so we can connect our workers and families for the best possible matches.  This is our more "hands-on" respite program as we are very involved in the matching and supervision of workers. 

This program also has Specialized Healthcare Respite- clients who use an inhaler/nebulizer, an epi-pen, or are fed via G-Tube.

Private Workers are a special category in this program.  A Private Worker is very similar to a Self-Service RCP- the family asks us to hire that person and that RCP only works for that family.  However, the family may use a combination of their Private Worker and the company recruited General Workers.  Private Workers use Full-Service timesheets and are on the Full-Service pay schedule.



Sonia Corina, Inc. provides non-medical in-home respite care for people with developmental disabilities, an illness, a physical disability or impairment that requires care in the home. We give family members a break from the unique demands of caring for someone who is disabled or are disabled themselves. Our Respite Care Providers assist in all the tasks necessary to help a disabled or impaired person to stay in their home including activities that stimulate the mind and enhance physical well-being.


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We have moved our buisness to a new location east of the old Vallejo field office . Our new address is:


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